The Foundation

We learned on January 20, 2006 that our youngest child, Dennis James Flanagan, Sergeant, United States Army was killed in action while serving with the Bastogne Brigade of the 101 st Screaming Eagles in Iraq. He had stated that he wanted to go back to college to pursue a degree in education specializing in History.

We started the Sgt. Dennis James Flanagan Foundation to reap a bountiful harvest of goodness- good things- from our field of sorrow. It is a nonprofit, tax- exempt corporation.

Our Mission and purpose of the foundation is to:

-Help graduating seniors and veterans further their education in any post secondary school or college of their choice. Providing they maintain a 2.0 average and remain in good standing with said school, the scholarship/grant is renewal for up to 4 years.

-Assist any veteran who is clean and sober with grants to programs, which offer housing, training, basic necessities (food, clothing, utilities, medicine)

It is not about elevating our son. It is about fulfilling his dream of educating young people. It is about not forgetting his brothers. The hope is that in helping the recipients of the scholarships/grants reach for their dreams it will enable them to touch the future.

Sgt. Dennis James Flanagan Foundation

Non Profit Corporation

1965 East Circle S. Drive

Inverness, Florida 34453-0558

Phone: 352-637-5242